AC Maintenance

At Thurlow’s Heating and Air, our HVAC maintenance experts offer a variety of routine services to ensure that your AC unit runs reliably, lasting for years to come. Getting your AC inspected routinely is the best way to prevent any significant issues from causing detrimental effects to your AC unit and to your home. Similar to doctor’s visits, your system requires consistent check-ups to guarantee that it runs consistently and safely. Our professionals are highly trained with only the best, state of the art tools and techniques. We’ll get the job done before you know it and leave you with an air conditioning system that runs as if it’s right out of the box.

There are many different moving parts when it comes to AC maintenance, and all of these parts must receive the necessary attention to detail. From checking your refrigerant levels to providing condenser maintenance, we’ve covered it all. We’ll inspect your system from top to bottom, ensuring that every nook, cranny, belt, and component are working up the par. If they aren’t, we’ll swiftly fix the problem as soon as possible. We’ll also make sure that your ac unit is running efficiently, saving you as much on your energy bill as possible.

Give us a call today, and we’ll schedule your FREE in-home estimate with a visit from one of our friendly and respectful AC maintenance experts. If you feel as though your unit may be suffering from an issue or isn’t performing correctly, contact us immediately as these can be signs of possibly detrimental problems. Neglecting your system’s essential maintenance needs can result in wasted time, stress, and money. Together, we’ll work hard to avoid those situations and make sure that your unit delivers consistent cool, refreshing, and safe air.

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