Have you recently installed a new heating or air conditioning unit into your home? Or have you noticed that the temperature readings just don’t quite match up to how you’re feeling? You may need to have your thermostat inspected. While thermostats may seem like one of the most simple aspects of home temperature control, we highly recommend that you have a trained professional take an in-depth look at your home’s current thermostat. Some brands and parts do not match with certain thermostats, and this can be a hard thing to figure out, especially with new-age electronic smart thermostats. Thermostat repair services are simple, but they can have a considerable effect on your energy efficiency if not properly handled by the experts.

Thermostats can also come under harm from weather effects, such as flooding, or even animals, such as rats, chewing on the electrical materials within the walls of your home. You’ll want to consider these factors when scheduling thermostat maintenance, as they can potentially warn you of more significant problems within your home or AC/heating unit(s). It’s crucial to have all the knowledge when installing, replacing, or repairing residential thermostats. That’s why we’d be honored if you’d give us a call. The correct know-how and expertise will save you time and stress in the long run.

Give us a call today, and we’ll send out one of our friendly and professional HVAC experts to conduct a full inspection of your thermostat. After pinpointing the issues, we’ll give you an honest and fair FREE estimate; no costly price jumps, no financial surprises. Together, we’ll work with you to come up with a comprehensive plan that works on your schedule and well within your current household budgets.

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